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After 13 great years, SlipJig retired in 2016.  SlipJig was a band dedicated to the proposition that music should be as much fun as possible. 

Their music comes from the traditions of Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic lands. It spans a range of styles from high-energy jigs and reels to  ancient airs and ballads to raucous pub songs.    SlipJig plays with (mostly) traditional instruments in a (mostly) traditional style and while they make an effort not to break tradition, they admit to bending it on occasion.  SlipJig is based in the Huntsville, Alabama area. 

Founding member Mike Clem handles most of the guitar work, and when he's not playing guitar, he spends the evening bouncing from one instrument to another, a trait he attributes to a short attention span.  Besides guitar, he might also be seen with a mandolin, tenor banjo, whistle or bodhran.    Founding member Phil Williamson is a veteran of several popular north Alabama based Celtic bands and is SlipJigís primary fiddler.  When not playing fiddle, he might be found with a octave mandolin in hand.   Al Trotter joined SlipJig in 2013 and offers up some of the best Irish flute playing you'll find;  and  multi-instrumentalist, Jim Holland moves from stringed instrument to stringed instrument to add a rich texture to the SlipJig sound.  Jim joined SlipJig in 2013.  Chenoa Clark joined SlipJig in 2014, providing lead vocals on a wide variety of songs, from delicate ballads to raucous pub song sing-alongs.

Band History

The members of SlipJig met over the course of a few years (2001-2003) playing in the 20+ piece Good Fortune Ceilidh Band.  After a time, a small group of players with similar interests gravitated together and found themselves meeting at Finnegan's Pub after Thursday evening Ceilidh Band rehearsals. There, they would play session tunes, sing songs, tell jokes and stories until far into the night - a weekly tradition that continued for the next ten years.  This weekly session would be the birthplace of Slipjig.  It wasnít until the Fall of 2003 that SlipJig actually formed with original founding members: Denny Cannon, Mike Clem, Stephenie Holtkamp, Mike Lyon, and Phil Williamson.  By the end of the first rehearsal, they were old friends who had been playing together for several years.  SlipJig gave their first public performance on March 17, 2004.  In addition to the current line-up, SlipJig has been joined along the way by many talented friends including Mike Lyon, Stephenie Holtkamp, Denny Cannon, Jennifer Allen, Craig Pitman, Garrett Smith, Andy Kruspe, and Amanda Williams.

SlipJig released their first CD, "So Far...", in March 2007.

SlipJig released their second CD, "Leaving Plevna"  in March 2012.

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